The Birth of a Boutique

Bobbi Rocco was founded by two business-savvy sisters with love for fashion. 

 We understand and respect the busy lives of those ladies who reside in the sun kissed neighborhoods of the San Fernando Valley. Maybe you’ve spotted our clean, white building while driving on your way to drop off your kids at Warner Park’s soccer practice or you could have been just cruising down the Boulevard towards a night out in Hollywood. In any case, here at Bobbi Rocco, we pride ourselves as being your “one stop shop” for new, trendy and affordable fashion. Forget the tiring, impersonal stores of the mall (let’s face it, you’re sick of the mall). You could be a hippie-chic goddess from deep within the groves of Topanga Canyon or you could be a valley-raised-vixen who’s intoxicated every nook and cranny of this suburban paradise. Come to Bobbi Rocco and you’ll find yourself...
Our location on Ventura Boulevard near Topanga Canyon was a perfect start to a new beginning and we are so blessed the San Fernando Valley opened its arms to yet another American Dream. We're a small store with a big heart, and we hope to see you in our store soon!
A special THANK YOU to all of our loyal customers! Bobbi Rocco loves you!
"Whatever the style, whatever the background, you'll rock Bobbi Rocco"